Our Mission

Concrete District Days will be a one to three-day event in which state concrete associations (in coordination with NRMCA) host local representatives at ready mix plants throughout the states. The purpose will be for each state’s Congressional delegation to meet with local producers and hear about the industry’s most critical issues. A successful Concrete District Days will raise awareness of industry issues and enhance the public/political profile of our industry. 

The goal is for the Concrete Industry to get full coverage with members of Congress from each state by the end of the year. Concrete District Days will be the largest effort, followed by supplemental plant tours throughout the rest of the year.  

“I am proud Congress passed a long-term funding bill and to be able to serve the concrete industry by crafting long-term solutions to industry-specific issues. I look forward to working on more reform that benefits the industry as a whole in the future.”
— Representative Rob Woodall

What We've Achieved

  • Partnered with Representative Rob Woodall to get the 30-Minute Break Legislated Away in FAST Act